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The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of this college has been formed with a view to achieve the following agenda, that must ensure a very refined and rewarding teaching-learning environment as well as a community outreach related ambience which will lead to :

  • Development and application of quality benchmarks/parameters for various academic and administrative activities of the institution.
  • Facilitating the creation of a learner-centric environment conducive to quality education and faculty maturation to adopt the required knowledge and technology for participatory teaching and learning process.
  • Documentation of the various programmes /activities leading to quality improvement.
  • Development and maintenance of institutional database through MIS for the purpose of maintaining /enhancing the institutional quality.
  • Development of Quality Culture in the institution.

Members of IQAC
Sl Member Name Position
1 Dr. Subrata Chatterjee Principal & Chairman
2 Dr Pulakesh Sen Coordinator & Associate Professor
3 Sri Bikash Das Member, Management Nominee
4 Smt. Krishna Chakraborty Member, Representative of Local Body
5 Sri Probodh Sarkar Member, Employer's Nominee
6 Dr Piyali De Maitra Member, Associate Professor
7 Dr Prasenjit Chattopadhyay Member, Associate Professor
8 Dr Suvendu Saha Member, Associate Professor
9 Dr Sanjib Talukdar Member, Associate Professor
10 Dr Sukumar Pal Member, Associate Professor
11 Sri Shibananda Mridha Member, Librarian
12 Sri Partha Chakraborty Member, Alumni Representative
13 Sri Ashok Acharya Member, Non-Teaching Staff
Sl Heading Publish Date View File
1 NIRF-DATA-2023   24-01-2023 Click To Download
2 AQAR (Assessment Year) : 2017-18   15-03-2020 Click To Download
3 Self Study Report 2015   20-12-2015 Click To Download
4 Academic Calendar-2019-20   28-08-2021 Click To Download
5 Academic Calendar -2020-21   13-05-2022 Click To Download
6 AQAR (Assessment Year): 2020-21   02-09-2022 Click To Download
7 PO, PSO, CO   11-10-2022 Click To Download
8 IQAC: 2017-2021   11-10-2022 Click To Download
9 IQAC: 2021-2025   11-10-2022 Click To Download
10 SSS-Analysis: 2019-2020   01-07-2022 Click To Download
11 SSS-Analysis: 2019-2020   01-07-2022 Click To Download
12 SSS-Analysis: 2019-2020   01-07-2022 Click To Download
13 SSS-Analysis: 2019-2020   01-07-2022 Click To Download
14 SSS-Analysis: 2019-2020   01-07-2022 Click To Download
15 AQAR (Assessment Year): 2018-19   05-05-2020 Click To Download
16 AQAR (Assessment Year): 2019-20   03-05-2023 Click To Download
17 List of MOUs: 2021-22   08-05-2023 Click To Download
18 Students' Feedback Analysis: 2021-22   22-05-2023 Click To Download
19 CDC-Activities: 2021-2022   15-05-2023 Click To Download
20 Students' Feedback Analysis: 2020-2021   09-03-2022 Click To Download
21 Academic Calendar-2018-2019   13-07-2021 Click To Download
22 Academic Calendar -2021-22   07-04-2023 Click To Download
23 Academic Calendar: 2022-23   05-08-2023 Click To Download
24 Students' Feedback: 2018-2019   20-04-2020 Click To Download
25 Students' Feedback Analysis: 2022-23   28-08-2023 Click To Download
26 AQAR (Assessment Year): 2021-22   16-10-2023 Click To Download
27 IQAC-Meeting Details-2019-20   06-03-2021 Click To Download
28 IQAC Meeting Details:2020-21   28-03-2022 Click To Download
29 IQAC Meeting Details: 2018-19   07-02-2020 Click To Download
30 IQAC Meeting Details: 2022-23   14-12-2023 Click To Download
31 College Undertaking   09-12-2023 Click To Download
32 University Affiliation under NEP   09-12-2023 Click To Download
33 Self-Declaration of college   09-12-2023 Click To Download
34 IQAC Meeting Details:2021-22   19-08-2022 Click To Download
35 IQAC Meeting Details: 2018-2023   14-12-2023 Click To Download
36 Academic Calendar -2023-24   01-08-2023 Click To Download
37 NIRF-DATA-2024   02-04-2024 Click To Download