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Career Development


To act as a Resource Center to inform, counsel and guide the students, helping them to choose most suitable career avenues and help them acquire suitable soft skill and knowledge.

  • To maintain Information Centre for students with a rich collection of job oriented & career oriented periodicals, reference books and project reports of various industries.
  • To prepare e-resource contents on career options for students, and publish e-magazine ‘SCM Career Digest’.
  • To run Career Planning and Entrepreneurship Development Workshops for students.
  • To organize / arrange technical training camps on self development and soft-skill development for students.
  • To organize motivational workshops to accelerate the process of development of mindset of youth towards entrepreneurship.
Projected Activities


  • Motivational Workshops.
  • Vocational Workshops.
  • Counseling Workshops.

Information Services

  • Library – Reading Centre.
  • VInteractive Session.
  • E-Resource Content Development.


  • E-magazine / E-books.
  • Study Notes on Career Related Matters.
Activities in Brief (2017-20)
Sl.No Events Target Group/s Duration Programmes
1 Students’ Seminar on ‘New Career Avenues in Computerized Environment’ All U.G. Courses 1 day 03
2 Employability Training Programme under TCS-BPS Affirmative Action Programme All U.G. Courses 27 days 03
3 Self Development Workshop for Students All U.G. Courses 1 day 03
4 Workshop on Emotional Quotient Analysis of students All U.G. Courses 2 days 06
5 Workshops on ‘IT Applications in Business B.Com Part II 9 days 12
6 ITBG Practical Demo Tutorials B.Com Part II 18 days 12
7 IT Workshop on DBMS B.Com Part II / M.Com 3 days 04
8 Entrepreneurship Motivation Camp All U.G. Courses / M.Com 1 day 03
9 Communicative English All U.G. Courses 15 days 03
10 Powerpoint Presentation Techniques All U.G. Courses/ M.Com 6 days 03
11 Seminar Presentation Techniques & Public Speaking Workshop M.Com / U.G. Course 3 days 06
12 Survey Methods & Research Methodology M.Com / B.Com (Pt.III) 4 days 03
13 Government Support Welfare Schemes for Backward Classes Backward Class students (UG / PG) 1 day 01

Communication Skill Development Sessions

  • in Written English
  • in Spoken English
  • In Public Speaking / Group Discussion
  • in Business Communication
  • in Self Presentation / Drafting Resume
  • in Mock Interview

Tutorial for Preparation in Competitive Examinations

  • in Quantitative Techniques
  • in Test of Reasoning
  • in Indian Constitution, and Indian Economy/ Policy
  • in Current Affairs & General Knowledge

The students willing to get enrolled for participating in the Career Development Programmes during the academic year 2020-21 should send their NAMES,COLLEGE ROLL NO., EMAIL and WHATSAPP NO. through emailfor online registration at :-