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Campus & Infrastructure

Class Rooms

The college has a sprawling three-storied building with enough number of spacious and airy classrooms with full of sun light. Adequate number of lights and fans are installed in each classroom. Generator connections are there in each classroom for avoiding any unpleasant atmosphere. There is also a smart classroom well equipped with equipments including projectors, computers and sound systems.

Seminar Room / Smart Class Room

This institution marvelously maintains a spacious smart class room, which is airy and full of light. This room is wellfurnished and well-resourced with the equipments of a finely preserved smart class room with a good sound system, Projector, etc. The sound system is graciously donated by Sri Debabrata Majumder, former Librarian of the college. Power-Point lecturers, Seminars, symposia and Parent-teacher meetings are regularly held here effortlessly.


Our college is proud of a newly built auditorium (fully air-conditioned) in the second floor behind the main building that is acoustically built,havinga sitting arrangement of 400 people. This Auditorium hall is well-furnished and wellresourced with the equipments of a finely preserved Auditorium hall with a good sound monitoring system with a lot of amplifiers, a Projector, a Computer, etc. Organizing of Seminars, Symposia, Workshops or any other cultural programmes are hassle free affair because of the infrastructure of the hall. There is also an older one in the ground floor, with a sitting capacity of 500 people, which is now being used for conducting indoor games. A full-fledged multigym will be installed there very shortly.

Computer Laboratory & Cyber Lounge

Keeping in pace with the changing scenario of the higher education, the college has installed a number of computers in the departments, library and in the computer laboratory to enable the students to keep a tab on the modern Information Technology and to make them computer savvy. This infrastructure also meets the curricular need of practical classes of the students. The computer laboratory also has Broadband internet facility and this render access to the domain of limitless knowledge. Local Area Networking (LAN) system has also been introduced to facilitate an easy access of the knowledge pool from different points at a time. Students are allowed to surf the internet to enrich their knowledge and meet their academic demands in a well constituted Cyber Lounge situated in the Central Library.

Science Laboratories

As the B.Sc. courses in Honours and General subjects have been introduced, the college has constructed perfectly equipped laboratories for the purpose of teaching the students with the practical bearings on the subjects. We now have four fully equipped laboratories, viz. two laboratories for Food & Nutrition and two for Chemistry. The college is ever in the endeavor to enrich the laboratories with modern scientific equipments, refrigerator, and a well equipped food lab for conducting practical classes for the students of food & nutrition. The laboratory for newly introduced subjects Physics, Microbiology has also been installed.

Gymnasium & Yoga Centre

A wellmaintained gymnasium with the state of the art facilities and modern equipmentsprovides the facility to work out for the students and the staff alike even beyond the curriculum. Moreover the gymnasium facilitates the practical learning experience of the students of B.Sc. and B.A. courses who have to study Physical Education as a subject in their course curriculum. A Yoga center is constituted beside the Gymnasium and maintained by the Dept. of Physical Education.

Canteen and Common Rooms

The institution provides the students with a well-maintained canteen behind the main building and common rooms (separate for boys and girls) for their refreshments and relaxations. The canteen supplies tiffin/fresh food to the students at a cheaper rate, subsidized by the college.


There is a two-storied boys' hostel in the campus, which caters to the need of the male students hailing from remote areas. The hostel provides food, drinking water, electricity and furnished rooms for its inmates. Another separate two storied girls’ hostel has been constructed, utilizing the grants from UGC. The hostel staff are entrusted with the job of providing basic services to the boarders of the hostel.

Health Centre

The college management runs a well-maintained health care centre in the college campus. Health checkup for the students is done here. The tests of the students' blood group, blood pressure, measurement of weight and height of the students are meticulously done in the college. The facility of providing first aid to the students and the staff is also maintained in the health care centre. A qualified physician visits the health centre once in a week.

Cycle Stand

Students from remote areas as well as the staff come to college by cycles and motor bikes. The college has a cycle stand beside the main building where the students are to keep their cycles and motor bikes. Students are, however, advised to keep their cycles or bikes under lock and key. The stand is run and maintained by the Students' Union of the college.

Bus Stand

There is a bus stand in front of the college by the side of the main gate. It was constructed by the college under the direct supervisionof the Students' Union.