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1 One Day State Level Seminar on Career Advancement Scheme (CAS): Past, Present & Future - 7 March 2020 01-03-2020 Click To View
2 One-Day Webinar on “Precaution and Awareness in Unlock-1 Period: Steps and Strategies"-16th June, 2020 ” 12-06-2020 Click To View
3 One-Day State Level Webinar on “Libraries and COVID-19: challenges to run parallel and purposefully” - 18th June, 2020 14-06-2020 Click To View
4 World Yoga Day A WEBINAR on “Ways to Positive Education & Wellbeing” - 21st June 2020 17-06-2020 Click To View
5 WEBINAR on “Horizons of Employment Generation in the Present Turbulence: Ways Ahead” -25th June 2020 21-06-2020 Click To View
6 International Webinar on “Communicating COVID-19: Geopolitics of a Global Pandemic” - 30th June & 1st July 2020 22-06-2020 Click To View
7 Webinar on “Satyajit Roy: PhireDekha - 6th July 2020 01-07-2020 Click To View
8 Webinar on “Strategy of Stress Management for the Students in Emerging Uncertainty - 8th July 2020 03-07-2020 Click To View
9 International Webinar on “Tarasankar Bandyopadhyay: PhireDekha” - 3rd August 2020 27-07-2020 Click To View
10 One Day National Level Webinar On “New Methodologies of Assessment and Accreditation by NAAC for the Affiliated Colleges” - 27th August 2020 17-08-2020 Click To View
11 NATIONAL NUTRITION WEEK CELEBRATION 2020 - 7th September 2020 01-09-2020 Click To View
12 One Day National LEVEL Webinar ON “ISSUES AND CHALLENGES OF NURTURING MENTAL HEALTH DURING AND the POST COVID-19 PANDEMIC” - 14th September 2020 08-09-2020 Click To View
13 Webinar on “Embracing Diversity for Person with Special needs” -3rd December 2020 23-11-2020 Click To View
14 On Occasion of National Youth Day Celebration Webinar on “The Relevance of Educational Thinking of Swami Vivekananda” -12th January 2021 01-01-2021 Click To View
15 Celebration of 125th Birth Anniversary of Netaji Webinar on “Netaji in Our Age : A Reevaluation” -23rd January 2021 11-01-2021 Click To View
16 One Day International Social Science Conference on "Issue and Challenges of social Science Research in Post Pandemic Era" - 19th February 2021 15-02-2021 Click To View
17 One Day International Social Science Conference on "Issue and Challenges of social Science Research in Post Pandemic Era" - 19th February 2021 15-02-2021 Click To View
18 On the Occasion of World Environment Day A Webinar on “Environment and Public Health: Some Contemplation” - 5th June 2021 01-06-2021 Click To View
19 On the Occasion of Word Yoga Day International Webinar on "Yoga: The Art of Living" - 21st June 2021 14-06-2021 Click To View
20 On the Occasion of NO PLASTIC DAY A Webinar on “Plastic Free World: Is Not an Utopia” - 3rd July 2021 21-06-2021 Click To View
21 Workshop on Psychosocial Support for Covid Pandemic Condition - 10th July 2021 01-07-2021 Click To View
22 One Day State Level Webinar on “Systems Biology: A New Approach in Biomedical Science” - 15th August 2021 06-08-2021 Click To View
23 “World Entrepreneurs Day” - 21st August 2021 16-08-2021 Click To View
24 Nutrition Month Celebration 15th September 2021 11-09-2021 Click To View
25 Observation of International Microorganisms Day 17th September 2021 15-09-2021 Click To View
26 Orientation Class of 3rd & 5th Semester-2021 20-09-2021 Click To View
27 OBSERVATION OF NSS DAY On 24th September, 2021 23-09-2021 Click To View
28 On The Occasion of gandhi Jayanti SPECIAL LECTURE ON “Gandhi and Indian Politics" on 2nd October 2021 29-09-2021 Click To View
29 Webinar _National Youth Day 12th January 2022 08-01-2022 Click To View
30 125th Netaji Birth Anniversary_Webinar on "Subhas Chandra O Subhasbadh" on 23rd January 2022 22-01-2022 Click To View
31 Observation of "National Cleanliness Day" on 30th January 2022 26-01-2022 Click To View
32 Poster Competition, Extempore & Quiz Competition in Occasion of National Cleanliness Day on 30 January 2022 28-01-2022 Click To View
33 International Mother Language Day_ 21st February 2022 19-02-2022 Click To View
34 Observation of National Science Day on 28 February 2022 28-02-2022 Click To View
35 Student scholarship scheme Programme on 19th April 2022 16-04-2022 Click To View
36 Observation of World Earth Day on 22nd April 2022 19-04-2022 Click To View
37 Observation of World Book Day on 23rd April 2022 19-04-2022 Click To View
38 Observation of May Day on 1st May 2022 29-04-2022 Click To View
39 Webinar on PROVISIONAL ACCREDIATION FOR COLLEGES on 6th May 2022 03-05-2022 Click To View
40 Celebration of Rabindra Jayanti on 9th May 2022 07-05-2022 Click To View